Japan Kyoto

Despite me being in Japan so many time, last time I was in Japan was over six years ago. And I miss a lot about it. Here I am again; it has been a while since last time I'm traveled here. I have gone to Tokyo couple of time and Kyushu with the family. And this time I planned a seven days trip for my family. We stayed at Kyoto for three days, then 1 Day at Nara. Lastly, three days in Osaka. I recall the last time I was here I was not so into photography, so I am excited what I can capture or feel different with my camera along the side. This trip is supposed to be a family trip, not a specifically for the photography journey. So most of my photographs are snap shots from the trip. I only get to meet my family once a year, And I intend to spend some quality time with them. 


Gear I've used:

iPhone 7 Plus / Canon G7X II


Leica Film MP / Leica 50mm 2 / Leica 28mm 2.8

Kodak TMAX 400 , Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Gold, Fujifilm 400h